A description of mr speaker distinguished members of the house

The president: mr speaker, vice president cheney, members of congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens: every year, by law and by custom, we meet here to consider the state of the union. Mr speaker, i join my distinguished colleagues in the house in the house the distinguished commander of that historic flight, captain eugene a cernan, us navy captain cernan thank you, mr speaker members of congress and distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: i guess the first thing i have to say is this is cer­. The election of the president in the house “the election of the president of the united states in the house of representatives” is a reading mr clay, speaker of the house mr gaillard, president pro tempore of the senate adams, his republican habits and principles, distinguished public services, and extensive knowledge of, and.

Mr speaker and distinguished members of the idaho house of representatives, my colleagues on the supreme court and court of appeals, and fellow idahoans thank you for inviting me to report on the state of the idaho judiciary. Sir john croke (1553 – 23 january 1620) was speaker of the english house of commons between october–december 1601 he was a lawyer and judge by profession, and was recorder of london croke won the city of london constituency in his election to the 1601 parliament, and was the last speaker before the death of elizabeth i , in 1603. Yesterday, michael finnegan, member of the house of representatives for the mesopotamia division, (to give him almost his full title) during the budget debate, on the floor of the house, rose to.

Mr speaker: hon members, i want on your behalf to express our collective elected him to office as that of a true patriot and a distinguished and honourable hon leader of the house hon dr r moonilal: mr speaker, we are asking for the questions to be deferred for one week so, we may answer those questions before. Umali thank you, mme speaker, distinguished members of this august body i hereby submit as chair of the committee on lagman thank you, mr speaker may we ask the distinguished chairman of the committee wednesday, october 11, 2017 i think, the members of the chamber of this house of representatives should be informed on the basis. State of the state address mr speaker and members of the mn house of representatives madam president and members of the mnsenate madam chief justice and distinguished members of the mn supreme court my fellow constitutional officers members of mystaff and cabinet vice president mondale governor anderson other distinguished guests. 5366 congressionai a record-house april 10 the social-security bill mr knutson asked and was given permission to revis and extend his remarks mr truax i hope the distinguished chairman of the o force it down the throats of the members mr monaghan mr speaker, the social-security legis­. The speaker of the house is the presiding officer of the united states house of representativesthe office was established in 1789 by article i, section 2 of the united states constitutionthe speaker is the political and parliamentary leader of the house of representatives, and is simultaneously the house's presiding officer, de facto leader of the body's majority party, and the institution's.

Hon robert b aderholt of alabama in the house of representatives wednesday, july 29, 2015 mr aderholt mr speaker, i want to congratulate guthrie’s chicken based in my hometown of haleyville, alabama for 50 years in the 4th congressional district, alabama and. The speaker further reserving right to object of the distinguished ranking member of the subcommittee on the public building around mr enough of oklahoma thank you very keen member and also the. Washington, dc – speaker nancy pelosi spoke on the house floor this afternoon in recognition of congressman jim langevin of rhode island, who became the first member in a wheelchair to preside over the house of representatives below are the speaker’s remarks.

A description of mr speaker distinguished members of the house

Mr speaker, right hon yakubu dogara, the chairman of this occasion, honourable members of this distinguished house, before hon kannike begins to sing “ajekun iya†for me, let me express. Madam speaker, i yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from georgia (mr johnson), a distinguished member of the judiciary committee break in transcript mr nadler. 1 2017 state of the state as prepared for delivery mr speaker, mr president, distinguished members of the legislature, honorable justices of the supreme.

  • Madame speaker, mr vice president, members of congress, and the first lady of the united states: i’ve come here tonight not only to address the distinguished men and women in this great chamber, but to.
  • The speaker of the house of commons is the presiding officer of the house of commons, the united kingdom's lower chamber of parliament the office is currently held by john bercow , who was initially elected on 22 june 2009, following the resignation of michael martin.
  • The chair appoints as members of the committee on the part of the house to escort our distinguished visitors into the chamber the gentleman from oklahoma, mr the speaker my distinguished colleagues of the congress, we are honoring today three men mr speaker, mr president, members of congress, distinguished guests, we.

Before, in between, and after his two stints as speaker (1946-48, 1952-56), martin was minority leader in the house famed as the “martin” in fdr’s hated republican trio of “martin, barton, and fish,” the massachusetts man was a generally centrist leader liked by colleagues of both parties. Dan evans at the rostrum during the ceremonial presentation of legislative chairs twelfth day, march 25, 1969 mr hodcie was the speaker of the house in 1949 and 1951 1034 journal of the house twelfth day, march 25, 1969 mr hamblen: thank you, mr speaker members and governor evans this is. Every time, mr speaker, a member on the other side of the aisle who failed to vote for all 12 of those appropriations bills that we put on the floor and we passed through this house stands up and talks about us doing our job needs to look in the mirror, mr speaker.

a description of mr speaker distinguished members of the house Mr speaker, i ask you and my other distinguished colleagues to join me in paying tribute to the newest life members of the gary branch of the naacp, as well as attorney karen pulliam, the current gary.
A description of mr speaker distinguished members of the house
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